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Lifestyle photography is something that is ingrained in me.  It’s effortless.  It’s fun.  It’s meaningful.  It gives me warm and fuzzies.

Lifestyle photography is my way of writing a story… without words.  It isn’t something you see with your eyes, but something you feel with your soul.

If my skill takes you back emotionally, then I may be the photographer for you. I want you to remember the smell of your daughter’s hair when it tickled your nose, the coarseness of your husband’s wool coat, the frigid air against your cheeks, the sound of the creek water rolling over your toes, the soft grass gathering around your neck, the warm glow of the sunset as it ducked below the trees and the purple cast it painted over the sky.

As an artist, I’m not merely setting a stage and snapping the shutter… I’m seizing an emotion… bottling it, and gifting it to you so that you can relive that sensation every time you walk by that image.

“Mau Loa” means “forever” or “eternity” in Hawaiian… my craft is a representation of the things that we will cherish throughout the eternities:

Our family, our experiences, our love… Mau Loa.

My name is Evie.  I’m a wife, a mother, an artist… this is my life.