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Wilson Family | Lifestyle Photographer, Mau Loa Photography

What do I absolutely heart about Lifestyle Photography?  Good grief, an easier question and shorter list would be what don’t I love? Lifestyle Photography is who I am at my core, as a photographer.  It’s what I started out as, it’s my art, it’s what I love doing, could do every day of my life,Continue Reading

Lily Eileen | Van Buren Family Photographer, Mau Loa Photography

Hands down, one of my most favorite mini clients!!  Do I say that about all of them?  Mmmmmm-aybe… But can you blame me?  Look at all this cuteness?!!Continue Reading

Ruano-Arens | Fort Smith Arkansas Family Photographer

How can so much beauty exist in one family.  It’s just not fair.  Truly.  This mama has four of the most gorgeous, talented and seriously intelligent children EVER!!  I sure do adore them all!Continue Reading

Woodrum | Mau Loa Photography, Fort Smith Arkansas Family Photographer

Definitely one of my favorite families!!!  Isn’t this lady the most gorgeous ever??  Continue Reading

Wesley | Van Buren Alma Fort Smith Child & Family Photographer

This little guy celebrated a birthday this summer.  I definitely wasn’t his favorite person, out the gate. But, despite the odds, we got tons of smiles, he took me on a 4-wheeler ride, a hike to a waterfall, showed me his horses, drove a tractor and even tried to share M&Ms with me by theContinue Reading

Eastridge | Mau Loa Photography, Van Buren Alma Fort Smith Arkansas Family Photographer

Super duper family!  I’ve been taking their pictures for a while now, but I’ve been friends with them even longer.  I heart their guts to the Nth power!  Not even joking!  There’s not another woman on this earth that has a bigger heart… I’m totally convinced of this.  She’s invincible, beautiful, smart, lovely… oh and,Continue Reading

Spring Session 2014 Bookings OPEN!

I am not about to believe that we are home-free of any winter weather here in Arkansas; however, I dream of warm breezes, birds chirping, flip-flops and long green grass!  And with that, I’m opening up bookings for Spring!! We have quite a busy Spring this year, so my bookings are extremely LIMITED.  I’m onlyContinue Reading

Schooley | Van Buren Arkansas Family Photographer

This sweet family came all the way from Houston to see me!  Seriously, how can one family be so stinkin’ beautiful?!!  Kat and X could totally be Gap models.   Not to mention that they are equally as sweet and loving as are are aesthetically pleasing.  Thank you so much for coming to see us,Continue Reading

Peppas | Alma Arkansas Family Child Photography

We got a break from the frigid cold, here in Arkansas, for a few days and look what happened!  Yummy light, three preciously ornery boys and *sigh* perfection.Continue Reading

Jett | Van Buren Arkansas Newborn Photography

Look who came to see me this week!  I adored loving on this little two week old munchkin!Continue Reading